An Encyclopedia of Lies

Liv Nobel

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About the Book

Marianne Harrison was no ordinary post-war Canadian child. Born into genteel poverty, her life was transformed when her father inherited a fortune.  But the dark allure of wealth soon warped her parents’ eccentricity into madness, and ultimately she and her family lived like a nest of dragons in a shabby little house crammed with fabulous art and glittering antiques. An Encyclopaedia of Lies is a radical departure from the standard memoir – stories are interwoven and events juxtaposed in an inventive and imaginative experiment with recording memories.  Forest spirits, a stolen portrait of Sir Isaac Newton, an emerald the size of a quail’s egg, and the body of a murdered girl are entwined in this extraordinary account of a childhood which is both unique and unforgettable.

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This book is a conundrum from start to finish, and will leave you not just wanting more, but puzzling over it for hours and days after finishing it. When someone says to you “I’m the world’s biggest liar” what do you believe?
Richard Pierce, author of Dead Men, well received about Captain Scott, and The Failed Assassin

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About the Author

Liv Nobel, seventh generation Canadian, was born and grew up on the Pacific west coast. She has four grown up children and three grandchildren, spins her own yarn and is a failed gardener. She now lives in rural Scotland in a beautiful little town which is nothing like Brigadoon.

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